Last Wednesday we held the AGM in Victoria.  It seems to suit the organization moderately well.  We had a turn out of 21 people for the lecture and meeting.  The lecture was great, a good give and take about diving in Bonaire.  A number of attendees had dove on the same sites, so the discussion was fruitful.

I like the idea that one year we hold Shipwrecks and then the Wine and Cheese on one side of the water, while the Annual Meeting is on the other side of the water.  Then the next year we switch.  We might consider coupling them in some other format, such as AGM and W&C on one side, Shipwrecks the other.

Interestingly enough this website was one of the biggest topics of discussion at the meeting.  I do believe that we are just experiencing teething pains.  Once we get the site ironed out I am certain that it will do what we need it to for us, with a minimum of fuss.  We're on the right road, there just happen to be a few potholes that we need to fill in.  Ciao