Board Meeting

At it’s meeting on April 2nd the UASBC Executive decided that it would like to share something from its meetings with the membership.  We decided that the best way was to create a précis of the meeting and put it here on the Blog.

Shipwrecks is one of our big events for the year.  It’s coming up at the end of the month.  We hope that you all will be able to attend.  Tickets can be purchased online here on the website.

Dean Driver has taken over as Communications Director.  He has been busy making changes to this website.  We hope that some of the ‘bugs’ will be worked out over the next while.  One that he has fixed is the message that you will get when your memberships comes up for renewal.  As many of you know the old message was quite cryptic.

We also looking forwards to offering more NAS courses.  We aren’t certain of the timing but we plan to offer another NAS Intro and a NAS 1 course this year.  Keep checking for the notices.  Also keep your eyes peeled for all the Explorations that are offered.  There will be trips on the Island, around the Lower Mainland and in the Southern Interior.

There is a position open on the Executive that would love to be filled: Recording Secretary.  It wont demand too much: take Minutes of the meetings and perhaps write the occasional letter.  One of you must have those skills!  ‘Til next time.      Eric