We've been trying to keep a note in the Blog about what goes on with your Executive at the Board meetings.  Our last meeting was the day after Shipwrecks, April 28th.  We were fortunate to be able to have another F-T-F meeting.

We discussed the conference.  Many thoughts were expressed and in the end we decided to ask Tom to head an adhoc committee to come up with a report on how to improve the event in the future.  We are hoping that this can be accomplished within a couple of months.

We reviewed our finances and found that they are in good shape.  We have made some changes in the bookkeeping procedures that should make things easier for directors to track their funds.  We also discussed the website.  We want to cut down on the number of 'bogus' memberships that seem to come from wild hacker type search engines.  [This has been accomplished.]

DIABC has printed a Wreck Passport that is centred on the artificial wrecks on the Coast.  We would like to work with DIABC if they intend to publish a second passport that is more concerned with the wrecks in the Interior.

We also learned the the Society for Historical Archaeology will be holding its annual conference in Seattle in January 2015.  Our Society may wish to have a presence there; either by presenting papers, or by organizing buses to take a contingent of members to the conference.  I would like to hear your thoughts.         Eric