On March 16th Jacques Marc, Bronwen and I taught a NAS Intro course at the Crystal Pool in Victoria.  There were eight students who attended the course.  The format is the same for every  Intro course: What is Maritime Archaeology, How does one survey a site underwater, What are Foreshore and Maritime Sites around the World, What is the Law and What does one do with a find, and What can one do further with NAS.

I am always struck by the enthusiasm that students bring to the NAS courses.  Everyone enjoys the topics and especially the practical sessions.  Those with a background in surveying and those without dive right in to see how they can accomplish the task.  The plotting also happens at different rates, but the rapidity of finishing oftern does not correlate with precision of product.

What might seem easy on the surface, fairly quickly is revealed to be a lot more complicated.  Most pick up on this.  It's a good thing, too, because once we get into the sea in NAS 1 and the viz drops to a couple metres or less the whole operation is quite different.  As Jacques is fond of saying, "Rather than being presented with two dozen measurements of dubious reliabilty, I would much prefer four that are absolutely solid."

We will keep moving forward with more Intro and NAS 1 courses.  We hope that there will be between six and a dozen people who want to move on to do NAS 2.  If we can get at least a dozen NAS 2 grads in BC, we would love to put together a program that would move them towards NAS 3.  This would be a lot of fun because it would entail bringing in presenters with a wide variety of expertise.                Cheer up, it's Spring today.                Eric