Planning Session

Your Directors met for a Planning Session last Saturday, February 23rd.  Your Past-President, David Hill-Turner was kind enough to book the Nanaimo Museum meeting room for us, and attend the session.

Perhaps half the meeting was focussed on how the new website is behaving for us.  It was fairly easy to identify what aspects were causing a bit of friction.  It is fantastic that Dean Driver has joined our group to take on the Communications portfolio.  His knowledge of programming was immediately evident: he knew the 'real' words that described the functions that were giving us issues.

Dean will be the person that works with our service provider, Chameleon Creative, to tailor things the way we think will best suit our needs.  We identified seven places that we think need to be 'tweeked' to get things flowing along.  He has already started that ball rolling and the changes are coming online.

For most off the members these changes will not really be evident, they are 'under the surface'.  However, it will hopefully become evident that things have changed when you don't run into a situation that might give you a headeche.  The recent issue of the link to the Foghorn should be one of the things that wont happen any more, as should the issues with memberships and their renewal.

Computers were supposed to free us up to be more productive in other pursuits.  We all know that they can sometimes be enormous time absorbing black holes.  We very much want our site to fit to the former and not the later.

We also discussed other topics [Explorations, Education, Shipwrecks, etc.] and planned out activities in those areas.  I think that we have a very strong team in place, that should be able to move strongly into the middle of this decade.          Cheers, Eric