Wow, when things get busy, they really get busy.  April 27th was a bit of a rainy day, but up at SFU things were fine.  The annual Shipwrecks conference was attended by about forty people.  We were treated to a whole host of topics that spanned the pre-1910 era.  First Nations topics were fascinating.  We heard about clam gardens, the herring fishery, the reef net salmon fishery, and the Whalers Shrine.

The Spanish period covered 16th century wrecks in Florida, the Beeswax wreck in Oregon, and the olive jar that was found on the west coast.  We also heard more about the Atahualpa and Tonquin sagas.

In between the day and evening sessions there was a reception at the SFU Ethonology Museum.  This is definitely a stop that one should make when they are up the mountain.  The evening meal was the best that has ever graced the Shipwrecks event.  It was followed by further elucidation on the wrecks that are in St. Petersburg Bay, Florida.

It is unfortunate that the semester was over.  Everyone felt that many SFU students could have greatly enjoyed the day.  I'll blog again quickly because a bunch of stuff has happened in the last week.       Eric