British Columbia abounds with sunken archaeological sites. Thousands of ships sank off our coast, many more were wrecked in our interior lakes and rivers, and there is ten thousand years of First Nations history lying in the waters off ancient villages. The Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia’s exploration program is core to the organizations mandate. It is through research, expeditions and even dive trips, that the UASBC collect the information needed to document shipwrecks and other submerged cultural resources.

Through the exploration program, teams of dedicated volunteers search for, identify, map, and photograph shipwrecks to create a record of the extant remains. Sometimes we use high tech equipment like side scan sonar, multi-beam technology and magnetometers to search for sites. On other occasions we rely simply on divers.  Once a site is found, a documenting shipwrecks form is completed for submission to the BC Archaeology Branch.  Each year these forms contribute to the growing provincial shipwreck data base. 

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