Within the Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia the words “project” and "expedition" are interchangeable. The UASBC has been running expeditions since its inception in 1975. Today’s projects may involve modern technology and an increasingly skilled group of divers, but the heart and soul of UASBC expeditions remain the same. The UASBC’s expeditions are driven by a desire to explore and to add to the provinces collective knowledge of our past.

To date nine UASBC Projects culminated in our published regional surveys. These regional surveys have allowed the UASBC to bring information about the maritime history of our province, to its government and its people. The most recently completed regional survey was the Central Coast of British Columbia, while our latest ongoing endeavour seeks to explore and catalogue the many wrecks of North West Vancouver Island.

Below are the upcoming UASBC expeditions. Contact the expedition organizer to learn more. To join an expedition you must be a UASBC member; if you are not a member please join the UASBC to participate.  If there are no upcoming project listed below, please check back soon.