NAS Part 1

NAS Part 1

The second level in the NAS curriculum is the NAS 1.  It is a two day course which includes topics such as: area search and survey; 3-D survey technique; safety and logistics; handling artifacts; and a case study.  Half a day is devoted to survey practice in open-water (divers) or on the foreshore (non-divers).  A few hours are spent plotting up the results.  This is a very good preparation for anyone wishing to take part in UASBC projects, and in fact priority is often given to people who have taken NAS 1. 

Below are the upcoming NAS 1 courses. To join a course email the course organizer though the email address provided below. You must be a UASBC member; if you are not a member please join the UASBC to participate.  Upcoming courses are being listed on the initial Education page, please check there.

If you have any questions, please contact the baeyoung [at] telus [dot] net (UASBC Education Director) for more information.

Photos from the 2014 course are listed below:

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