Shipwrecks Conference

Without any doubt, the Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia’s most popular and exciting, non-diving event is our annual SHIPWRECKS conference. While you will need to leave your regulators and scuba tanks at home for this event, we promise there will be no shortage of diving stories, and divers to meet, at this annual one day conference.

SHIPWRECKS began in 1986 and the success of this annual UASBC event has continued to this day. The location of the conference tends to rotate between the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, and the theme of the event changes annually, but the spirit has remained the same for over 25 years and counting. The one day event includes a daytime session feature multiple captivating guest speakers, as well as a Woodward lecture and dinner.  Come out and enjoy a day of learning about British Columbia’s maritime heritage and exploration!

Shipwrecks 2019

The theme for Shipwrecks 2019 is Mediterranean and Classical Shipwrecks. The key note speaker is Dr. Justin Leidwanger, of Stanford University, who will present on the 1,500 year old ‘Marzamenti Church’ located off Sicily. Dr. Elizabeth Greene, a classical archaeologist from Brock University will also present at the conference.

Shipwrecks 2019 will be held at the Hellenic Centre, 4500 Arbutus Street, Vancouver in late March or early April, 2019. Stay tuned for the date, full speakers list, and tickets going on sale soon!