British Columbia abounds with sunken archaeological sites. Thousands of ships sank off our coast, many more were wrecked in our interior lakes and rivers, and there is...
The Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia offers its own custom course called Underwater Archaeology for Divers (UAD) which was developed from a need to combine academic...
UASBC presents Vancouver Underwater Explorers Speakers Series, Victoria Underwater Explorers Speakers Series, Shipwrecks Conference and special Events.

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Welcome to the website of the Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia (UASBC).  The UASBC is a group of avocational archaeologists, historians and shipwreckwreck divers dedicated to researching, locating, identifying, surveying, and protecting the maritime heritage of the province of BC, Canada.  The UASBC is committed to this task for the interest, education and benefit of all British Columbians.

The Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia is also so much more.  We are a group of people - people who are passionate about exploring history and exploring our oceans, lakes and rivers.  Many of us are divers who love to explore and document shipwrecks, while others are non-divers interested in history and our provinces foreshore.  We take the work we do very seriously, but we are also serious about having fun doing it! The UASBC is the largest diving group in BC, and one of the largest and most active heritage organizations in the province.  

Below the surface of British Columbia's lakes, rivers, and coastal waters lies a fascinating history. Shipwrecks, aircraft wrecks, drowned towns and even 10,000 year old sites covered rising oceans at the end of the Last Ice Age provide a rich variety of sites for maritime archaeology. Whether you are a wreck diver, historian, archaeologist, or are simply fascinated by our underwater heritage in British Columbia, the UASBC invites you to join us on our next adventure!