Board of Directors

The UASBC Board of Directors is the group that is charged with running the short, and long term operations, of the organization.  Members are elected to the Board at the Annual General Meeting for a two year term.  The Bylaws suggest that there can be up to twelve directors - six elected each year.  Once the Directors have been elected, the Board then is to choose its officers for the following year. 

The Board functions consentually.  When a person wishes to join the Board, it, as a whole, provisionally nominates them.  The appointment is then ratified at the next AGM. 

The organization of the Executive is fairly standard.  The President is in charge of organizing meetings and dealing with all the official business of the UASBC.  The Treasurer keeps track of the Society's accounts.  The Secretary keeps minutes for the meetings.  The Communications director is responsible for the oversight of all UASBC print and online information and promotion. The Explorations director is in charge of planning and facilitating the search and survey work that the UASBC undertakes.  The Education director is in charge of organizing the NAS courses in the Province.  The Membership director corresponds with members as they join or renew.  The Chapter directors are responsible for their local area meetings, speakers, and excursions. The Chandlery director oversees and distributes the UASBC's publications and merchandise.  When we are short a few directors, other members "wear multiple hats".  The Board can also have a number of Directors-at-large.  They attend meetings, offer their expertise and historical perspective. 

The 2017 Executive is: Tom Beasley (Van), Keith Bossons (Pres), Dean Driver (Comm), Holger Heitland (Memb), Jacques Marc (Expl), Bill Meekel (Int), John Middleton (Vic), Bronwen Young (VP/Edu/Chan) and Eric Young (Treas/Past-Pres).

We are always looking for new members.  If you would like to contact the President use uasbc [at] uasbc [dot] com or the Past-President <treasury [at] uasbc [dot] com> .